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A Book Review
by David Lewis

MyNewMac Title: My New Mac, Snow Leopard Edition
Author: Wallace Wang

Price: $29.95
Publisher: No Starch Press (

ISBN-13: 978-1-59327-209-8
ISBN-10: 1-59327-209-X

Media: Book, 512 Pages.

Interest Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Wang's "My New Mac" provides a relatively fresh and systematic approach to computer "how to" missives. He has authored several books on computers and gives the reader an understandable style that works for the beginner.

In this most recent effort, Wang surveys Mac's latest OS (Snow Leopard) through the lens of 52 separate "projects" designed to capture each of the operating system's most popular features. These projects are presented in chapter form where each project is given its own chapter.

The term "project" is a proper and creative term to place on the activities described in the book. They are grouped in 5 separate parts which range from "Basic Training" to "Maintaining your Mac" Other parts include the use of "Shortcuts"; i.e. various keyboard commands, use of applications, and navigating the Internet. Finally, there is a focus on digital photography.

Although the work is geared toward a novice to intermediate audience, all Mac users can benefit from its content, regardless of their skillset. For the beginner, it is best to peruse each chapter, cover to cover. The projects are all presented in the same clear fashion. They open with a description of the project, what you'll need to complete the project, and step by step instructions. The most basic projects include turning on and off the computer, use of the mouse, keyboard commands, etc. More advanced projects include use of preloaded applications; e.g. iPhoto, and Internet navigation.

In addition, Wang's use of graphics is both effective and clean. His layout between text and illustration is well balanced and makes absorption of the material more concrete.

Finally, for the relatively new PC to Mac user transition campaign, this work will play a significant role. Wang has achieved the difficult goal of making computer how to prose both entertaining and consistent. He has made the notion of going from PC to Mac even more attractive than it already is.


Reviewer: David Lewis

David is a marketing rep within the Healthcare industry. He has been a Mac advocate since grad school when he bought his first Classic II. He has owned the Performa, several iMacs, & Powerbooks. Currently he is using the 13" MacBook Pro running 10.6.3. For software, he uses Excel and FileMaker Pro.

He is married and lives in Havertown. He has a son Taylor Paul who is 12.

This site has many more reviews, all written by MLMUG members.
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